Hot & Cold Air EP

by Hunger Hush

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released May 19, 2012

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Lorrie Matheson at Arch Audio, April 2012.
All songs written by Hunger Hush (SOCAN)
Hunger Hush: Steve Wirzba, Alastair Pollock, Andrew Smale, Ben Tan.



all rights reserved


Hunger Hush Calgary, Alberta

Hunger Hush plays wiry indie-rock with a flair for the experimental. They've played across Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, and performed at CMF 2013. Careful craftspeople and troublesome young men.

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Track Name: Hot & Cold Air
Environment Canada confirmed
That a tornado did touch down
The hot and the cold air mixed and got confused
Like sex and religion making out in the pews
But nobody got too concerned
And that summer had its own distinct sound
Like a warning siren going off in your head
Like a lonesome bar and that thing your mom said

Let's go once more around the block
For all the pies we ate and shots we threw up
Playing schoolyard 3-on-3
Let's go to one more show as good as Shotgun Jimmie

The university declared
That all your studying didn't go to waste
Convocation in the dolled-up gym
We finally met your dad and said you looked like him
No other flavour can compare
With the summer serendipitous taste
Of deep-fried anything and batter on a stick
And the sour seconds of your 4-am sick

Let's go once more from the top
For all the fun displaced in the name of growing up
No weekday revelry
Let's go to one more show and watch the crowd all shimmy shimmy
Track Name: The Prize
It's a big grin night, a title fight
And we go to the show
I wanna play a little more
We'll take my dad's old car, I hope it starts
And we'll go to the show
I wanna dance a little more with you

Feeling out the prize
It's a night in the dawn of our lives

It's a cold grey dawn, the magic's gone
So hold me close
I'm feeling like a ghost
It's a tender age, it's centre stage
So hold me close
I'm feeling mostly whole
Track Name: Bible Loves the Bullet
I shot out of that summer like a freight train
Billowing a new year hope
There's a pressure in my lungs when I'm alone
You wrapped around my winter like a warm coat
Worn in half-lit and recessed halls, but
I bet I don't exist when you're alone

Cause I want you to want me more, I wanna
Hear you call my name and feel the fear in your heart
That this could be more than a start
And I want you to pin me down, I wanna
Feel you shove right back until I'm out of the dark
I want you to love me like the bible loves the bullet when it's pushing through

I'm reckless driving over and the night sky
Is whispering an icy truth:
You only sing along when we're alone
You measure every word, keep them clean cut
And supervised like fragile kites, but
There's got to be a weight for me to hold