Hunger Hush

by Hunger Hush

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Gold Rush 04:45
Miners fine, you and I We dug so deep we couldn’t sleep Searching for the light inside It’s getting thin, the oxygen Hold your breath, get set Our cave implodes, just let it ride Gold rushin’ oh gold rushin’ Out of my soul I push it On down the mountainside And break on through your ocean tide Riches great, ours to take Pockets filled with hard thrills All that’s left is the getaway But what pursues is a sick ruse The fear of life in the full light Please don’t let us fade away
On a cold October night I left you on a northbound train Six long months till I’ll be back again Up and over countryside with barren trees and crops all slain Try and keep your warmth with next of kin I feel your heart beating, buried deep in autumn snow The coursing of your blood will take me home You feel my soul flowing, even though the river froze The current underneath it never slows; it strides to you Winter nights were long and brutal, sky was frigid, black like oil Dug down deep, found patience in my core But now those darkened days are over, pistons churn and water boils Southward bound the smoke in billows soars Closer now your heart beating, lying in the melting snow The coursing of your blood will bring me home Closer now, my soul flowing, long ago the river froze The current underneath it never slows But I have seen the wreck of love spread thick across these lands And I scraped and fought and toiled with black and calloused hands For you I feel your heart beating, barely held within your clothes The coursing of your blood has brought me home You feel my soul flowing , overtake these fragile bones The current underneath never slowed For you
I’m waiting on July With emerald eyes that shine I’m waiting on July And don’t you even try, to steal my dear July I count the days till her gaze is raised to mine You’re waiting on her too? With all that we’ve been through I know her eyes are blue And what’ve I got to do, to keep her eyes off you You’ll never sow seeds in rows that grow and bloom Look at that, you went and bought her flowers Look at that, they went and wilted in the hours That we’ve been waiting on July Look at that, you went and wrote her a love song Look at that, it’ only five pathetic lines long I’d write five pages for July July… the girl with blue (green) eyes We’ve waited patiently For your company July, where can you be? Or could you possibly, with your teal eyes deceived Both of us, blind with lust we must concede Spite, is what we felt tonight When your brown eyes walked by Beside some other guy July…
Quiet Weight 04:44
The callous and the spiteful we’ll leave behind With all their coy indifference so well defined And they’ll sing their praise in bitter drawl Celebrated distance, tired and small Tired and small, we’ll leave them all behind Raise your quiet weight, cast it by Take your needless hate, let it die Lift your clouded eyes from the ground Cause I can’t hear your heartbeat’s stifled sound If it’s witty turns of phrase you need to speak Then wit alone and praise are all you’ll reap And to feel the bitter pull of love undone Is to know the words to say and hold your tongue Brimming mind and empty lungs, what for Raise your quiet weight, cast it by Take your needless hate, let it die Lift your clouded eyes from the ground Cause I can’t keep your bitter heart around
The Urgency 05:02
Lightning talk and feet in socks in snow Spirit eyes and I’m quiet Heavy hands and hearts of sand dissolve Building sighs and I’m quiet I am bursting at the seams With what you give and what you take away Pushing hard for more With this year comes the urgency And so we carve it in the sidewalk’s core Limbs all low with green and white and gold Hey Rose, let’s tear it down This year so new, it’s long o’erdue, explode Lord knows we’ll tear it down The city heaves, you’re twenty, feed the roar! Fire burns and we churn I am bursting at the seams Bursting with this urgency
My stride is strong in this city My eyes are locked on all I see ‘round me My thoughts are fire escapes that set me free From roof to roof I flee My words are weak when I’m with you They fail to even say what I can’t do They twist and turn like streets and avenues I’ll walk the blocks to you Your words say words alone wont do Our mouths can bring about sounds far more true When closed are doors and darker is the hue Of rooms I share with you Our strides don’t match in this city Our eyes are locked upon each other’s need For fire escapes to perfect company Not yet found in this city And though the search for love is tough indeed Let us not search perpetually


released April 7, 2011

Produced by Lorrie Matheson
Recorded and mixed by Lorrie Matheson at Arch Audio
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering
All songs written by Hunger Hush (SOCAN)
Hunger Hush is:
Steve Wirzba- electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Alastair Pollock- keys, horns, vocals
Andrew Smale- bass, slide guitar
Ben Tan- drums, percussion


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Hunger Hush Calgary, Alberta

Hunger Hush plays wiry indie-rock with a flair for the experimental. They've played across Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, and performed at CMF 2013. Careful craftspeople and troublesome young men.

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